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Window Tint Film FAQ


It is best to make an appointment with us if you would like to have your windows tinted. Your car is usually returned to you on the same day.


All of our window tint installations are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, unless otherwise specified. The warranty covers any defects in the window film or installation.

What does the finished product look like?

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Length of time required for a tint job

The time involved in each job varies with the type of vehicle involved and the number of windows being tinted. It usually takes about 3 to 4 hours.

Drying time of window tint

Depending on the weather, drying time may take between a few days to 2 weeks. Please do not lower any tinted windows for at least 3 days. Until the tint has fully dried you may notice a hazy, patchy, or bumpy appearance. Don't worry though, it will clear up when drying is complete.

Legality of window tint

British Columbia - No film is permitted on the driver's compartment, right and left. Any film may be installed on the side windows behind the driver. Any film may be applied to the rear window, provided the vehicle has 2 exterior rear view mirrors.

Imperfections in window tint

Our highly trained installations staff work their hardest to provide the best window film application possible. But due to the nature of the film application, a very minor degree of dust contamination will be present in every job. The amount of dust present in a job is directly related to the age and cleanliness of the vehicle.

Black dots and lines at the edge of windows

The black dots, or matrix found on some windows are made of a Teflon type of material that is applied at the factory. Purely cosmetic, they are used to hide the edges of trim panels and glass. These raised Teflon type areas make window film application very difficult, as the film is designed to adhere directly to the glass. When present, the area will have a white or hazy appearance after tinting. This is usually unavoidable and is considered normal.

Tinting in wet or cold weather

Some people may falsely believe that it is not good to have their car tinted on a cold or rainy day. With today's advanced adhesive technology combined with our special drying techniques, there is no need to worry. Any time of year is suitable for tinting at NMotion.

Cleaning and care of window film

For maintenance of your window film, we recommend a mild glass cleaner that does not contain ammonia. Do not use abrasive agents or tools on window films.