Solar Gard NR Smoke Plus Window Tinting

Our Most Budget Friendly Window Tint Film

Solar Gard NR Smoke Plus is a non-reflective window tint film that will give your vehicle's glass a true smoked look.

N-Motion has been providing high quality window tinting services since 1999. We boast the best customer service in the industry, and you can be assured that your vehicle is in good hands. We also use computer cut patterns, so a knife blade never touches your windows.

N-Motion is your best choice for window tinting in Greater Vancouver!

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Xpel Prime CS Window Tinting Vancouver


  • Available in 20%, 35% and 50%
  • Reduces Glare
  • Computer Cut Patterns
  • Wireless Signal Friendly
  • 5 Year Limited Product Warranty

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      Window Tint Pricing

      Rear Windows
      2 Door Window Tint
      2 Door Vehicle $220 & Up
      4 Door Window Tint
      4 Door Vehicle $250 & Up
      SUV Minivan Window Tint
      SUV / Minivan $300 & Up
      Front Doors / Sunroof / Windshield
      2 Roll Up Windows Tint
      2 Roll Up Windows $120 & Up
      Sunroof Window Tint
      Sunroof $60 & Up
      Windshield Strip Tint
      Windshield Strip $60 & Up
      Full Windshield Tint
      Full Windshield $180 & Up

      Call 604-419-8808 to book your appointment

      • *Prices include materials and installation for most vehicles. Some vehicles may require additional material and / or labour costs.
      • *N-Motion Auto is not responsible for any product application in violation of your local laws.