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Alloygator AlloyGator Wheel Protector Set

AlloyGator Wheel Protector Red
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AlloyGator Wheel Protectors (sometimes mistaken as alligator rim guards or gator wheel protectors) prevents alloy damage and wheel scuffs caused by curb contact. AlloyGator is a proven product originating from the UK, and will make sure your shiny new wheels don't experience nasty curb rashes.

In addition to wheel protection, AlloyGator Wheel Protection Sets are available in multiple colours to give your vehicle that personalized touch. AlloyGator Wheel Protection is compatible with 13" to 21" wheels.

AlloyGator Wheel Protectors sometimes referred to as Alloy Rim Protector Rings are a great alternative for rim protector tires which can get very expensive. Don't risk having to change up your damaged rim or entire set of wheels. Wheel styles and designs change quickly and if you need a wheel replacement it can get expensive and in some cases very difficult to find.

Don't settle for cheap alloy wheel protection rings, alloy wheel guards, wheel curb protectors, or wheel edge protectors... Go with the best alloy wheel rim protector product on the market - AlloyGator!

We test hundreds of curb protection products on the market and AlloyGator has proven to be the best rim edge protector solution.

Don't forget to ask us about professional installation at our Vancouver / Burnaby location and be sure to watch the video above to see the power of Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors at work! Protect your investment with these amazing rim savers.

Customer reviews

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    AlloyGator wheel protectors is definitely the way to go

    Mark G on 09/09/2017

    Super happy with this solution and they look amazing on my Dodge Challenger. The green rim protectors on my alloy wheels matches my green paint job. Thanks for doing a bang up job on the installation.

  • 5

    Rim Protectors are solid

    Paul W on 09/12/2017

    Thank god I had these rim protectors installed, just hit a curb today by Oakridge Centre in Vancouver. I went with black so they aren't as noticeable on my wheels.

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