How to enhance your safety using Vehicle backup cameras and parking sensors

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How to enhance your safety using Vehicle backup cameras and parking sensors

At N-Motion Auto, we install the best backup cameras and parking sensor systems available on the market to help make your car ride experience more enjoyable. Backup cameras are imperative; sometimes it can be tough to use the rear–view mirrors. Using the backup cameras will let you have a clear vision of where you are going in reverse. The reverse cameras have become very popular, and most people who have installed them have an additional feature of a reverse parking sensor. It will alert you if there is any obstacle when moving in reverse. Reverse cameras have significantly reduced the number of accidents caused by drivers when driving in reverse. The cameras have become very common especially in Vancouver. This device can either be connected wirelessly or wired. A camera is fixed at the back of the car, and it is attached to a screen on the dashboard where the driver can see what's going on behind them and also quit worrying about hitting low obstacles.

Benefits of Reverse Cameras

The reverse cameras are very efficient and capable devices, but they differ from each other. The differences between the cameras are mostly the angle of the vision. The cameras have different viewing angles; the angles range from 120 to 180 degrees. Vehicle manufacturers have been trying to take care of the reversing problem from a long time ago. They started with a variety of solutions before settling on the camera:

Ultrasound - These were sensors which were placed at the rear bumper of the vehicle. The sensors emit high-frequency acoustic pulses which monitor reflected sound. As the vehicle gets nearer to an object, the acoustic tone changes to indicate proximity. The downside to this invention is that the sound waves could suffer from interference. It is also affected by rain or the wind and it is also not effective when the obstacle is narrow.

Laser - This was the second solution, better than the ultrasound. The laser beams were fired from the rear of the vehicle and reflected off objects. This method worked better, but for it to be efficient, it required many beams for them to cover the monitored area thus making this approach too expensive.

Infrared - The use of this spectrum was not entirely successful because of poor reflection of the light, and it also was absorbed by some obstacles thus not achieving results.

Cameras - This is currently the latest solution and so far the most effective one. This feature not only gives the driver a visual behind the car but also improves his/her accuracy.

Types of back up cameras

Most people in Vancouver have installed reverse cameras on their car. Actually, the rate of drivers using this feature in Vancouver has increased by around 17%. This is the digital era, and unlike a few years back, the reverse cameras do not consume a lot of power thus draining your battery. There is also a user-friendly small screen fixed on your dashboard to give a clear vision of your rear. There are two types of backup cameras, that is the wired and the wireless camera.

The wireless backup camera simply means that you do not have to use cabling in your vehicle. It is a challenging process especially when it comes to installation, but it is better. It saves time because you only have to fix the camera and connect it wirelessly to the screen on the dashboard. Most people in Vancouver prefer this type of, installation as it comes with a variety of perks; for instance, most of the wireless cameras come with waterproofing and night vision. The wired backup camera is a little old school. The camera is connected to the screen on the dashboard using cables. As much as it is still effective, there can be many problems associated with this type of installation, for instance, the cables can get severed one way or another making you go blind on the rear. This mode of installation is mostly on the old model cars.

Installing a backup camera does not mean that you do not have to use your rear view mirrors. You should still use the mirrors and observe all disciplines of reversing. There are blind spots when using the rearview cameras, and if you are not careful, you may run into an obstacle. The camera will give you a good vision of the rear but judging the distance should be done manually. The cameras also need to be maintained. They should be wiped once in a while to keep them clean so that you can have a clear vision.

Features of rearview cameras and monitor systems

Replacement rear view mirrors with screens of high resolution so that the rear vision can be more pronounced. The screen on the dashboard will automatically turn itself on when the vehicle is in reverse. You can also turn it on manually when the vehicle is on reverse already, and you want to have a vision of your rear. The cameras also have a wide view angle of 160-180 degrees vision and an inbuilt microphone. The cameras are dust and waterproof.

Using backup cameras is one way of making reversing easier and ensuring the driver does not bump into obstacles. However, there is an additional feature, parking sensors. Most people in Vancouver prefer cameras while others prefer the parking sensors. You can install both systems in your car, or you can use one of them depending on your preference. Parking sensors are also called proximity sensors, and they are used to alert the driver in case of obstacles especially when parking.

Parking sensors

Parking sensors either use electromagnetic or ultrasonic sensors to alert the driver of barriers when parking.

Ultrasonic sensors – Some vehicles use this system to judge distances between the obstacle and the vehicle using sensors placed at the rear and the front bumper of the car. These sensors normally emit short acoustic pulses which are measured using a control unit which calculates the distance between the object and the vehicle. If you get too close to the object this system will warn the driver using the same acoustic tune, the faster the tunes the closer you are to the object, a continuous tone indicates a good distance which assures you that you are not in danger of hitting an obstacle. Most of these rear sensors are usually activated when you engage the reverse gear, the front sensors are activated manually, and they are deactivated when the vehicle starts moving at high speed. The sensors are automatic in most vehicles to prevent nuisance warnings.

The ultrasonic system uses the reflection of sound waves to detect the proximity of objects; this may pose a challenge when it comes to detecting flat or colossal objects pointed directly at the object. That is why you are advised to still use the reversing discipline of using the rear view mirrors and not rely on the proximity sensors entirely.

Electromagnetic systems – Parking sensors using the electromagnetic system rely on the car moving at a slow pace towards the obstacle. Once the obstacle is identified, the vehicle will stop momentarily, and you will be given a signal that there is an obstacle. If you continue approaching the obstacle, the system will continuously caution you the alarm getting more frantic as you approach the obstacle. The electromagnetic sensors are very efficient because they do not require any form of drilling on your car. You only have to fix it on the inner side of your bumper, and it will work just fine.

The proximity sensors are efficient and effective, but they are not entirely accurate. I know most people prefer having one system, either the backup cameras or the parking sensors installed on their cars, but the truth is; if you are capable of having both systems in your vehicle, the better. Having a camera on the rear of your car and at the same time a proximity sensor will keep off accidents. The camera may sometimes give you a false estimate of an obstacle and your car, but the proximity sensors will continuously alert you if you approach the obstacle. Using this system plus you observing the reverse discipline will ensure that there are no blind spots.

Importance of using the parking sensors or backup camera on your vehicle

Using these systems on your vehicle will decrease the chances of you as the driver ramming your vehicle into an obstacle. They give the driver a level of accuracy thus minimizing accidents. They help cut down the abnormally high cases of accidents. It gives the driver a clear view of the rear. The systems make parking very easy and swift.

This technology has been adopted by almost everyone in Vancouver. Manufacturers are now installing the parking sensors and rear view cameras on their vehicles. Instead of buying the cameras and then fixing them on your car, you buy a car which has all these features custom built for your type of car.

If you have an old model car, then you will have to install either of these features manually. The cost of back cameras varies depending on the brand. You should take your time and choose the most appropriate camera for your vehicle. A waterproof camera is the best because you will not have to worry about it getting run down by rain. Buying a wireless camera is the best because most brands come with waterproofing and night vision this means that you can use this camera even at night. Installing a wireless camera also takes a short time. Most vehicles have thick rear windshields as a security measure thus making it quite impossible to see, that is when the cameras and the proximity sensors come in handy.

Final Thoughts

These systems have brought about great changes in the motor industry. They have made parking simpler and also help minimize a lot of accidents. You can decide to use the rearview cameras or the proximity sensors on your vehicle. You can also choose to use both of them as this will increase your level of awareness on your blind spots. Security should be of paramount importance especially in this era of digitalization. It has ensured that we are capable of achieving the impossible. All in all, the system you decide to use all boils down to your preference. Check out our Reverse Camera Kits page or our Parking Sensors page. We are experts in both reverse cameras and parking sensors.


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