Dash Cams - The hottest trending product in Vancouver exclusively offered by N-Motion Auto - Dash Cam Experts

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Dash Cams - The hottest trending product in Vancouver exclusively offered by N-Motion Auto - Dash Cam Experts

At N-Motion Auto, we install the best dash cams available on the market to help make your car ride experience more secure and enjoyable. Whether you want to capture your next car journey or require that extra level of security, we can recommend and install an ideal dash cam just for you. We are leading experts for dash cams in Vancouver.

Benefits of Dash Cams

To help you decide whether a dash cam is worth the investment, here are five of the top reasons people buy one:

1. Silent Security Guard - Vancouver drivers who park their cars on the street are turning to dash cams for a measure of protection against robbery and vandalism. Once the gyro-enabled impact sensor or motion sensor is triggered, the camera creates a separate "incident" file that saves video from just prior to the incident and for an additional 1 to 5 minutes after—footage that could be essential to a police investigation if a car is broken into or struck while it's parked.

2. Evidence for ICBC Claims - One driver states: “After witnessing a serious hit-and-run accident on the freeway I realized that if I'd been the one who was hit, I'd have had no evidence to give to my insurance or to the RCMP. Having a dash cam gives me peace of mind. I know that if someone hits me, I can prove it to ICBC.”

Insurers don't currently offer discounts on premiums for dash-cam owners, but they will review dash-cam footage of an accident, just as they accept photos snapped on the scene with a cell phone. Dash-cam footage is more reliable than witness accounts and can be extremely useful to the insurance company in determining liability.

Insurers always welcome additional information about how one of their policy holders incurred a loss. As such, insurers generally like when an individual produces dash-cam footage to assist with a claim. In addition, the proliferation of dash cams is making it easier for the police to investigate traffic incidents of all kinds by allowing them to document witness statements and produce evidence for the court.

For dash cams that record audio inside the car, you could dictate the license plate number and description of another vehicle, even if it isn't visible on the footage. This is information that could be used to file a police report or to help with interactions with insurance companies.

3. Video Corroboration - Dash cams can also provide solid evidence that you're not guilty. Another driver states: “A few weeks ago, I was driving through Burnaby and received a ticket in the mail for failing to pay a toll. I successfully disputed the charge because I not only had footage of myself paying the toll but also of my conversation with the toll booth operator.”

Remember, though, that your own footage can potentially be used against you. For example, if your dash camera documents that you are exceeding the speed limit, you could be held partly liable for an accident, even if the other driver was primarily at fault.

4. A Reliable Witness - Interest in dash cams has also been stirred up by videos of drivers having altercations with police officers and reported incidents of minority drivers being stopped without cause. Cameras can provide an impartial witness in disputes about unfair profiling or improper police conduct. <br
It may be legal to use a dash cam to document interactions with police during a traffic stop, but we recommend that you notify any members of law enforcement that they are being recorded, just as you should notify occupants of your car. Everyone tends to conduct themselves better when they know they're on camera.

5. Personal Security - Some dash cams can provide an extra measure of security if a stranger approaches you when you're parked and alone in a lot or stopped at an intersection.

Surround-view dash-cam models can get a shot of people no matter what direction they approach from. Models that are hardwired to the vehicle's battery or that have an internal battery can document any encounter even if the car is not running.

So are Dash Cams really worth it?

Having a dash cam can give you the confidence of knowing that the facts will speak for themselves rather than having your case evaluated based on witness testimony and police reports.

Just imagine you are driving calmly along the road when suddenly a car sideswipes your door taking your side-view mirror with it. Your heart is pounding and you both stop, and the other driver starts shouting that you swerved into his lane, when you know for a fact that you did not. Now it's just your word against his. Anticipating the headache of filing a police report and arguing over the ICBC claim, you think, "If only I had a video to prove I wasn't at fault!"

Well, now you can. At N-Motion Auto, we offer a wide selection of high quality dash cameras to suit driver needs.

Be sure to visit our showroom to find the best dash camera for your vehicle. We look forward to seeing you so we can help protect you and your vehicles. Check out our Dash Cams page for more information on various Dash Cam products we provide. We are experts in both dash cams and car security systems.

Dash Cam Installation

So how much does a Dash Cam Installation Cost? Dash Cam prices will vary depending on what features you require for your vehicle. Please stop in and visit our Burnaby location to get more details on dash cam installation pricing. We can discuss a dash cam system that’ll add that extra level of security. We’ll even show you some simple ways to add additional convenience features and security upgrades. Dash Cam prices vary by product so please ensure you contact one of representatives for more information. Our state of the art products combined with our professional installation ensure you’ll have the perfect dash cam system for your needs. We are Vancouver and Burnaby's #1 choice for dash cam installations.

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