Solar Gard Supreme Window Tinting


Following the Solar Gard tradition of superior quality and value, the new Supreme Series wintow tint film gives you enhanced driving comfort and more shades to choose from than ever before to customize the appearance of your car. Blocking more than 99% of ultraviolet light, you will be assured maximum protection against harmful UV rays. In addition, you will be glad to know that Supreme Series window tint features industry leading film clarity for unaltered visibility and safe driving.

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  • Unprecedented film clarity
  • Industry-leading color stability
  • Superior glare reduction
  • Satellite, GPS, tire pressure monitor system & cellular friendly
  • Complements factory tinted glass
  • Available in six shades
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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Window Tint Performance Specifications

Performance results were generated with LBNL Window 5.2 using 1/8” (3mm) clear glass and have been measured, calculated and reported in accordance with ASTM, ASHRAE and AIMCAL standards.

Film Type Visible Light UV Light Blocked Total Solar Energy Rejected
T% Ext. R%
Supreme 70 72 8 >99 19%
Supreme 50 48 6 >99 25%
Supreme 40 37 6 >99 29%
Supreme 28 23 5 >99 33%
Supreme 15 12 5 >99 38%
Supreme 8 5 5 >99 42%

Window Tint Pricing

Rear Windows
2 Door Vehicle(Rear Windows) $220 & Up
4 Door Vehicle(Rear Windows) $250 & Up
Minivan/SUV(Rear Windows) $295 & Up
Front / Windshield / Sunroof
2 Front Windows

*Add $40 if vehicle has front quarter window

$120 & Up
Sunroof $60 & Up
Windshield Strip $60 & Up
Full Windshield $180 & Up

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  • *Prices include materials and installation for most vehicles. Some vehicles may require additional material and / or labour costs.
  • *NMotion Auto is not responsible for any product application in violation of your local laws.