Security System Upgrade Kit (Version 2.0)

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Upgrade your Compustar remote start system to a full-fledged security system with the ALARM IT KIT(V2).

ALARM IT KIT(V2) features Compustar's DAS-II security sensor. It is capable of detecting two stages of impact/intrusion, tilt, forward motion, and glass-breakage.
DAS-II is required for installation of remote starters for manual-transmission vehicles.
One of the most important parts of keeping your car is safe is preventing theft in the first place. Car thieves are significantly less likely to tamper with your vehicle if they know you have a security system installed. ALARM IT KIT(V2) adds our signature Compustar-Blue LED that shows your car is protected!

Kit includes:
DAS II 4-in-1 Security Sensor
Blue LED

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